Tetelestai Singing Auditions

1. If you desire to be considered for one of the many solo or ensemble singing parts in the show you are required to audition. However, auditioning does not guarantee you a feature singing role.
2. You will choose any one of the excerpts from the audition selections (located on the website) that you feel will best showcase your singing ability. The particular song you select will have no bearing on which role you will be awarded. (You are not auditioning for a specific part, per se)
3. You will perform with the exact accompaniment found on the website (audition selections labeled "No Vocals"), played over a sound system.
4. It is not necessary to mimic (stylistically) the vocal performances in the "Vocal" versions of the audition selections. They are there only to help introduce you to the selections. You are encouraged to present your own interpretation.
5. While not a requirement, you are encouraged to add as much supporting acting (characterization) as you wish to help "sell" your performance. Compensation, poise, etc. will be taken into consideration. It is also encouraged, although not required, that you have your excerpt memorized.
6. You will audition in front of all the other people auditioning, as well as several staff members. Your audition will be video taped. Audition order will be determined.
7. To help us make final casting decisions, you may be "called back" at a later date to sing a specific part from the musical just to make sure you are the best possible fit.
The Audition Excerpts Are:
Prophets Bars 1-21, both verses (Prophet 1 and 2)
Remember Bars 1-10 (Thomas)
Remember Bars 11-21 (Peter)
Judas Soliloquy Bars 13-28
Annas' Inquiry Bars 1-20
Claudia's Dream Bars 1-23
Good Luck!!


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Sheet Music

Download Sheet Music for all songs.

Practice Music

Song with Vocals without Vocals
Remember - Thomas
Remember - Peter
Judas Soliloquy
Annas Inquiry
Claudia's Dream