Cast Practice Resources

Act I

Prophets (Behold) -- Prophets

Repent -- Full Cast

Son of Man -- Jesus, Judas

Believe -- Jesus

Remember -- Apostles

Women's Song -- Women

Judas' Soliloquy -- Judas

Hosanna -- Jesus, Apostles, Women

Save Us Now -- Full Cast

O Jerusalem -- Jesus

Business As Usual

Cleansing of the Temple -- Jesus

High Priests' Discussion/Prayer -- Caiaphas, Annas,

Parable -- Jesus

Love the Lord -- Full Cast

Repent Reprise -- Jesus

What Shall We Do With Jesus -- Judas, Theophilus

Let One Man Die -- Judas, Saducees

Act II

Master's Song/Is It I Lord -- Jesus, Apostles

Supper Song -- Jesus

Psalm 118 -- Jesus, Apostles

Threats -- Judas

Stay -- Jesus

Gethsemane/If It Be Thy Will -- Jesus

Who Are You Seeking -- Jesus, Arrest Crowd

Annas' Inquiry/Jesus' Reply -- Judas, Annas

Caiaphas' Accusation -- Judas, Caiaphas

Witness Duet -- Jeribai, Phinehas

Peter's Denial -- Peter

Judas' Regrets -- Judas, Saducees

Claudia's Dream -- Claudia

Herod -- Herod

Save Yourself -- Full Cast

Song from the Cross -- Jesus

Song from the Cross -- Full Cast

Curtain Call/Closer -- Full Cast